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Director's Desk

Samiksha institute was established in 1998 to prompt the progress of civil services & other competitive exams. This Institute was established with the aim to provide a complete solution and resources to the students preparing for this exam. The focus is on providing holistic education equal ease not only covering the prescribed syllabus but also enabling the students to face other challenges of life. Our approach to the entire coaching process is such that the students feel comfortable and make learning an enjoyable experience. Samiksha institute aims at offering a competitive attitude rather than being a mere scholar. Quality teaching and individual caring is the hallmark of the institute. The aim of the institute is to ensure that the time of the student is made most productive for the preparation of the Civil Services Exams. The institute organizes seminars and workshops with the help of civil servants and experts in soft skills and train aspirants to think, feel, and express themselves like administrators.

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How Can I Begin UPSC Preparation From Zero Level?



All candidates who are starting from scratch to prepare for the UPSC Exam have this question on their minds. One of the hardest exams in the nation, the UPSC requires a candidate to be committed, diligent, and strategic. Those who are just starting out might feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. In order to make things easier, we will discuss How Can you Begin UPSC Preparation from Scratch in this article.



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