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SSC GD Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2023 For Written, Physical, And Medical Tests

Theziyanwriter)- The SSC GD syllabus is made every year by the Staff Selection Commission and the GD exam is conducted by the SSC itself. The full form of GD is a general duty, we are also called constables. Examination of CISF NIA and ITBP SSB and CRPF is done by Bhaiya SSC.

In this topic today, we are going to give you complete information about the syllabus and exam pattern of SSC GD. But before that, you will be happy to know that the Samiksha institute provides notes and books for all the competitive exams so that students do not have to be deprived of an incomplete syllabus before giving any exam.

What We Will Learn- 

  • SSC GD Exam Pattern 2023
    • Compute-Based Examination (CBE)
    • Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
    • Physical Standard Test (PST)
    • Detailed Medical Examination (DME)
  • SSC GD Exam Syllabus 2022-23
    • General Intelligence & Reasoning
    • General Knowledge & General Awareness
    • Elementary Mathematics

SSC GD Constable Exam Pattern 2023

The exam consists of 4 sections with 80 questions 02 Marks Each
The duration for the SSC GD Constable Tier I exam is 60 minutes.
The Computer Based Examination (CBE) is conducted in bilingual languages – English and Hindi only.
There is 0.50 negative marking for every incorrect answer in the SSC GD online test.
The questions asked in the online examination will be of High School (10th) level.

Duration : 60 Minutes

SSC GD Exam Pattern 2023

For students who are giving the SSC GD exam, it is very important to know the SSC GD exam pattern and GD syllabus. Only then one of the exams can be prepared. Below I have given you the exam pattern of SSC GD. The SSC GD is done in 3 steps. 

The exam pattern of SSC GD comprises four stages:

  1. Compute-Based Examination (CBE)
  2. Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  3. Physical Standard Test (PST)
  4. Detailed Medical Examination (DME)

Here’s a detailed look into each of the stages of the SSC GD exam pattern:

Computer-Based Examination (CBE): This is an online test comprising objective-type questions which are explained at length below under the syllabus section of the article. The SSC GD Exam Pattern, is further divided into four parts:

  • General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • General Knowledge and General Awareness
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • English/ Hindi

Physical Efficiency Test (PET): Once candidates clear the CBE, they will be shortlisted to take the PET/ PST organized by the Commission. During PET/ PST, candidates who are found eligible based on height parameters are permitted to undergo PET (race) which is followed by a biometric/ technology-aided identification test. 

Physical Efficiency Test (PET): The criteria to be followed for this test –

  • For Male candidates: Race 5 Kms in 24 minutes
  • For Female candidates: 1.6 Kms in 8 ½ minutes

For the Race test, the candidates of Ladakh Region need to follow the below criteria –

  • Male: Race 1 Mile in 6 ½ minutes
  • Female: 800 meters in 4 minutes
  • Pregnant women are disqualified from taking this test.
  • Ex-Servicemen candidates shortlisted in the CBE need to appear in PET/PST stage for recording measurements of the chest, height, and weight only. They are exempted from taking the PET. However, they need to qualify for the Detailed Medical Examination (DME).

Physical Standard Test (PST): In this test, the physical standards of the candidates are being tested based on three factors:

SSC GD Physical Test
Physical Standard Category Male (in cms) Female
Height General, SC & OBC 170 157
Chest General, SC & OBC 80/5
Weight Proportionate to height and age as per medical standards Proportionate to height and age as per medical standards

Detailed Medical Examination (DME): Candidates who qualify for the PET/ PST are shortlisted for the DME. The selected candidates are medically examined by the Medical Boards constituted by the CAPFs to assess their physical and medical fitness based on the following points:

  • Eyesight
  • Medical Fitness

The criteria set by the SSC authority for vision test is given in the table below:

SSC GD Exam - Vision Test - (I)

SSC GD Exam Syllabus 2023

The SSC GD syllabus is given below:

Negative Marking: 0.50
S.No. Subject No.of Question Marks
Part A General Intelligence & Reasoning 20 40
Part B General Knowledge and Awareness 20 40
Part C Elementary Mathematics 20 40
Part D English/ Hindi 20 40
  Total 80 160

All the Objective-type questions mainly comprise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). 

The SSC GD syllabus for the computer-based examination includes the following:

General Intelligence & Reasoning: This General Intelligence syllabus section mainly consists of both verbal and non-verbal types of reasoning questions. This test particularly includes questions that test the candidate’s analytical and logical reasoning skills and his/ her ability to observe and distinguish patterns through questions principally of non-verbal type.

General Intelligence and Reasoning :

1. Coding and decoding
2. Non-verbal series
3. Arithmetic number series
4. Arithmetical reasoning
5. Figural classification
6. Relationship concepts
7. Observation
8. Discrimination
9. Visual memory
10. Spatial observation
11. Spatial visualization
12. Similarities
13. And differences, etc.

General knowledge and General Awareness :

1. Current affairs
2. History
3. Geography
4. Political science
5. Economics
6. Culture
7. Sports
8. Games
9. Environment
10. India and its neighboring countries
11. General polity
12. Indian constitution
13. Scientific research, etc.

Elementary Mathematics :

1. Number Systems
2. Computation of whole numbers
3. Decimals and fractions 
4. Relationship between numbers
5. Fundamental Arithmetical operations
6. Percentages
7. Ratios and proportions
8. Averages
9. Interest
10. Profit and loss
11. Discount
12. Mensuration
13. Time and distance
14. Time and work
15. Time and Ratios

General English

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Error Spotting
  • Phrase Replacement
  • Spellings
  • One Word Substitution
  • Reading comprehension
  • Spot the Error
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Synonyms/Homonyms & Antonyms
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • One Word Substitution
  • Improvement of Sentences
  • Active/Passive Voice of Verbs
  • Conversion into Direct/Indirect narration
  • Shuffling of Sentence parts
  • Shuffling of Sentences in a passage
  • Cloze Passage,etc.

General Hindi

  • शब्दों के समानार्थक हिंदी शब्द
  • संधि विच्छेद, संधिउपसर्गप्रत्यय
  • मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ, पर्यायवाची शब्द
  • सामासिक पदों की रचना और समास विग्रह
  • विपरीतार्थक (विलोम) शब्द, शब्द-युग्म
  • कर्मवाच्य वाच्य और भाववाच्य का प्रयोग
  • सकर्मक क्रिया, अकर्मक क्रिया और पूर्वकालिक क्रियाएँ
  • शुद्ध : अशुद्ध शब्दों का शुद्धिकरण और शब्दगत अशुद्धि का कारण
  • सरल, संयुक्त और मिश्र अंग्रेजी वाक्यों का हिंदी में रूपांतरण और हिंदी वाक्यों का अंग्रेजी में रूपांतरण
  • कार्यालयी पत्रों से संबंधित ज्ञान
  • संज्ञा शब्दों से विशेषण बनाना, अनेकार्थी शब्द
  • वाक्य-शुद्धि : अशुद्ध वाक्यों का शुद्धिकरण और वाक्यगत अशुद्धि का कारण
  • वाक्यांश के लिए एक सार्थक शब्दकर्तृवाच्य वाच्य
  • अंग्रेजी के पारिभाषिक (तकनीकी), इत्यादि।

Conclusion - We Hope this article was helpful to you and now you have enough knowledge about SSC GD Exam Syllabus & Exam Pattern.  In this article, we discussed the syllabus of the GD exam. If this article seems helpful to you then please do share this article with your friends. Another side, If you have any questions related to this article then you can directly contact us through email. 

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