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NDA Preparation Tips 2023: Get Subject-Specific Strategies and Tips

The NDA selection process consists of a written test and a personality and intelligence test known as the SSB Interview. Candidates who pass both rounds are recommended for the final selection.

The written stage consists of two papers: 1) Mathematics (300 marks) and 2) General Ability Test (600). Each paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes long. Candidates should thoroughly understand the NDA exam pattern prior to beginning their preparation.

nda preparation 2023

NDA Preparation 2023

You must develop a suitable personality, as well as improve your spoken language, general knowledge, and other factors. To assist you with such factors, we offer the following NDA Preparation Tips

  • Thorough Knowledge of NDA Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before you begin studying, obtain a printed copy of  NDA syllabus and Exam pattern. This will allow candidates to go over the topics one at a time and plan their time accordingly. The NDA written exam consists of two subjects: mathematics and a general ability test. It is also critical to obtain the best books and study materials for the exam.

  • Prepare a  Customized Time-table

Candidates must be aware of the amount of time they have left to study for the written exam, make a list of the topics they need to cover, and then calculate how long it will take to finish everything. Set aside time for each subject and your other activity based on that.

  • Clear Your Basics

Following the NCERT Books, you should first understand the fundamental concepts, after which you should review the theories of the concepts you have already studied. Then, the areas that have not yet been covered begin with a review of the fundamentals.

  • Take Brief Notes

A huge amount of books and notes must be read while working on NDA preparation. Therefore, it is preferable to compose brief notes that are practical, easy to update, truly useful, and significant. In order to understand all the key ideas in a concise manner, one can also refer to  NDA study materials .

  • Follow current events

All major events that have taken place in India or the world in the last five years are very crucial. Make a habit of watching the news, reading the newspapers, listening to the interviews of famous personalities, keeping track of all the awards and prizes, on a daily basis.

  • Stay Active

You cannot afford to lose your strength and health. Keep in mind that the National Defense Academy is involved; therefore, you must prioritise your health. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet rich in nourishing foods, engage in regular exercise or yoga, and get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.


NDA Mathematics Preparation

  • If you intend to take the NDA Exam, mathematics is essential for you.
  • Candidates need to be quick with numbers because you can't afford to take your time when solving the maths section.
  • Prioritize the preparation of the crucial topics first while allocating time for the challenging ones.
  • Consider using sample papers and exams from prior years for greater practise.
  • Learn shortcuts, time-saving techniques, and basic calculations like squares and cubes to help you manage your time effectively.
  • Due to the exam's negative marking policy, they should only mark an answer if they are certain about it. During the exam, avoid making educated guesses

NDA  GAT Preparation 

  • While studying for the NDA, clear your basic concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology using the NCERT Books for Class XI and XII.
  • For History, Civics, and Economics, all you need to do is memorise a few key concepts.
  • GAT covers the majority of the NDA test, so you can't afford to ignore any aspect of it.
  • Examine the GAT section syllabus carefully and prepare for each and every topic listed under the heading.
  • Brush up on grammar rules in this section for English.


NDA English Preparation

The NDA English section is worth 200 points, so take your time preparing for the exam. Here are some English NDA preparation tips:

  • Cover the Syllabus - The first requirement is that you cover the entire syllabus, which includes topics such as grammar and usage, reading comprehension, synonyms and antonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, spot the error, para jumbles, and so on.
  • Read a lot - Reading is the best way to prepare for a language exam. Reading is a broad category that includes newspapers, novels, and storybooks, among other things.
  • Gather Your Newspapers - It will not only improve your vocabulary but will also keep you current on current events. You can also subscribe to newspapers and current affairs magazines online.
  • Don't Study in a Boring Manner - A variety of interactive mobile applications are available to help you improve your command of the English language.


NDA Preparation for Physics

Typically, the NDA Physics section contains 23-25 questions on general physics topics. Here are some pointers to help you feel more confident about your NDA Physics preparation:

Concentrate on Hot Topics - The NDA Exam Physics syllabus is extensive. It covers too many topics, but you don't have to cover them all. Just concentrate on the most important ones. Having said that, don't dismiss any topic. Simply devote less time to comprehending and memorising them.

Take Notes - The candidate should take notes on key definitions and formulae. Revisit these notes every day for revision and effective memorization.

Find Your Strengths - The most crucial feature of physics is that it is not just about numbers. If the applicant finds the numerical component of physics challenging, he should first work on his theoretical understanding before returning to the sums.

Practice Daily - The applicant should make a list of all the formulae and answer at least 8 to 10 sums for each formula.


NDA Preparation for Chemistry

The majority of the questions in the NDA Chemistry portion are based on chemical formulas and reactions. Elements, mixtures, compounds, physical and chemical changes, acids, bases, salts, simple chemical equations, laws of chemical combination, properties of air and water, oxidation, reduction, carbon and its various forms, fertilisers, preparation of materials like soap, glass, and cement, and properties of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide are among the topics covered.

For NDA preparation for Chemistry, you can use NCERT books, and focus on the following points:

  • Find the Recurring Questions - In the Chemistry section, the P block and the mole idea are frequently asked questions. These questions can be located by consulting the NDA prior year papers.
  • Utilize Online and Offline Study Resources - In addition to NCERT texts, you can also use books from private publishers. In addition, the candidate has the option of using free internet study materials.
  • Daily revisions of Notes - Write down the formulas, post them where you can see them, and review them daily.

NDA Preparation for Biology

The Biology section in the NDA exam preparation covers topics like cells and tissues, living and non-living organisms, human body and organs, development and reproduction in plants and animals, common epidemics – causes and preventions, balanced diet and food as an energy source for living beings, solar system, meteors, comets, eminent scientists and their achievements, etc. Here are the tips to memorize this for your NDA preparation:

  • Make Bullets - Such topics are relatively easy to cover as they can be made into bullet points and memorized.
  • Refer to School Books - Using school books to study is great for your NDA preparation.
  • Watch Videos - You can watch videos of the topics on YouTube .It will help you grasp concepts more quickly.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for History & Geography

Here are the NDA preparation tips you can use for this section of the exam:

  • Use NCERT Books - The NCERT class IX and X books are the easiest and most succinct books for preparing the History and Geography part. They provide a succinct yet comprehensive overview of all the subjects described above.
  • Write Down the Dates - You must write down the dates of all significant events for the History section. The only way you'll be able to remember such a large amount of information is to review the notes.
  • Get Visualized - You can view videos and see visuals while preparing for the NDA in 2023 to better understand geography concepts.  watching videos  greatly increase the interest of geography lessons.

NDA Preparation for Current Affairs

The NDA current affairs section includes inquiries about the most recent events in India and elsewhere. 

Politics, notable people, sports, movies, accolades and recognitions, cultural events, scientific and technological advancements, laws and regulations of governments, nations and their presidents or prime ministers, nations and capitals, finance and banking, etc. are just a few of the subjects covered in this section. 

You can utilise the following NDA preparation advice to cover the current events syllabus:

1.Catch Up on the News - The candidate must be knowledgeable about the national and international events that have taken place during the past year.

2. Here are a few ways for the candidate to stay informed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (a) He or she must make it a habit to read newspapers every day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (b) Blogs are another source of knowledge.
      (c) Read the Daily Current Affairs from Samiksha Institute

3. Books - Both online and offline bookstores and magazines sell books and current affairs issues. With their help, you may find out everything there is to know about the most recent happenings.


NDA Preparation 2023 for SSB Interview

The SSB interview consists of two parts: an intelligence test and a psychological test. To learn more about the SSB Interview, read the following:

  1. Keep your physical and mental health in check.
  2. Improve your eating habits and, as a result, reconsider your diet plan. Exercise on a regular basis.
  3. You should put in extra effort to improve your English speaking abilities.
  4. Make it a habit to read newspapers on a regular basis to improve your English skills.

Last Minute Tips

Strategy for NDA Preparation in 2023

  • In your final few days, avoid uncovered topics. Examine previous years' papers and sample question papers.
  • Eat healthy foods and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night to keep your mind active and focused.
  • Revise the brief notes you took during the preparation.
  • Arrive at the exam centres one day before the exam with the necessary documents, which will help you avoid being late.
  • As you are probably aware, the NDA Exam employs a negative marking scheme. As a result, try to avoid making wild guesses during the exam.
  • Make the most of your exam time. Prioritize the easier answers and avoid wasting time predicting answers.