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How to crack the MP Patwari 2023 exam ? Detailed Exam Preparation Strategy!


The announcement for the MP Patwari Examination has been released by the Madhya Pradesh Employee Selection Board (MPESB). The exam application process will occur from January 5 to January 19, 2023. Candidates who are interested in taking the test must be aware of all preparation advice and begin preparing as soon as possible. In extremely competitive exams, the students who start early will definitely have an advantage over the competition.


Tips to crack the MP patwari exam 2023


      01. Understanding the MP Patwari Exam Pattern and Syllabus

  Get to study the updated syllabus thoroughly so that you are aware of all the subjects that will be covered in the test and can begin preparing accordingly. Additionally,      being familiar with the exam format is important because it will help you understand the weighted themes, test length, possible negative markings, and other factors.     check the 2023 MP Patwari Syllabus 


        02. Explore the papers from previous years.

  Examining the questions from the previous year is the next vital step. The MPESB's prior questions are important because they aid in: 

  • Understanding the format of the test.

  • Know the requirements for the test.

  • Understand how to phrase queries.

  • Recognize the significant and frequent themes and issues.


     03. Give a mock test to identify your areas of strength and weakness.

   You can find out which subjects you are strong in or where you need to put more effort into by taking a practice test or looking at previous year's question papers. From there, you can create a study schedule that is concentrated on strengthening your weakest subject and covering your basics thoroughly.


     04. Have a study plan.

  Some applicants believe that their chances of success increase with the amount of time they spend studying. This is untrue, though. The applicants need to work hard but    also wisely. Get a specific time every day for each subject, rather than spending days and nights on it. Your brain can become stressed and become less capable of                   learning  if you spend the entire day studying the same subject or if you extend your study sessions without any breaks.


       05 . Consult experts for help.

    Your possibility of passing the Patwari Exam increases significantly with the help of an expert. The experts at Samiksha Institute may assist you in a variety of ways,            including by giving you access to high-quality study materials, answering all of your questions about each subject, assisting you with the subjects and topics you                    struggle with, and many other things.


      06 . Correct Revision is needed

  The revision process is an essential part of your preparation. Without it, it is difficult to foresee passing any exam. Don't forget to give yourself adequate time to review        the topics.

  Due to the Patwari exam's extensive syllabus, it is normal to forget what you have learned. The applicants' ability to recall their study material is aided by timely                  revision.  To ensure that the material they have learned is retained in their thoughts, the applicants must review the topics once a week. The candidates must refrain from     studying new material in the days leading up to the exam and instead go over the material they have already studied to help them remember what they covered. 


        07. Practise & check your preparation timely 

   The right amount of practice can decrease your chance of making mistakes and speed up how quickly you can answer the questions.


   Give the mock test on a weekly basis to determine your level of preparedness. You can stay on the right path in your journey by doing that.


      08 .Choose correct study material 


There is an immense number of study material available online. But avoid falling into the trap of gathering information from several sources. Maintain a single source and keep revising. Here are some books that may be useful.




  • Every day, read any regular newspaper. It will improve your general knowledge and make you more informed of national events.

  • Last but not least, while you're preparing, take care of your health by eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

  • Candidates should get enough rest and drink plenty of water because it helps their mind unwind. You'll be able to divert your attention, which will improve your capacity for learning. Spending time on your interests contributes to your overall development, which is essential for being chosen as a patwari.